“The New Normal.”

We hear this phrase often, especially now that the world is starting to re-open from the Covid-19 crisis. What will the “new normal” look like, especially in the golf industry?

The golf industry has shown through this difficult time that we are ready for the challenge. Across the nation, many golf facilities closed due to state and local mandates. Other facilities remained open, and steadfastly proclaimed that golf was a safe activity during this time of orders to stay home and stay safe.

Golf professionals in Arizona and across the country stepped up in innovative and thoughtful ways. Who would have ever thought one-person, one-cart rules would be in place at golf facilities? The humble pool noodle was embraced and utilized by golf providers across the country as a way to keep golfers from reaching into the hole and touching the flagstick. Walk-up windows, pre-payment with credit cards, and every possible social-distancing measure was implemented by facility management to keep employees and players safe.

Golfers welcomed and embraced every safety measure. Players at my facility took every “new normal” safety procedure in stride and applauded our facility’s social distancing practices. My clients are coming back to the lesson tee and have shared their appreciation for my “new normal” policies intended to keep us all safe and healthy.

This crisis, while unquestionably stunning in its impact to our world, has brought forth innovation, connection, and creativity, especially in the game of golf. Through the rapid creation of an industry-wide “new normal,” the world has been shown the unique opportunity golf provides: A healthy, fun, outdoor activity that can be enjoyed in the safest possible manner.

Our ways of doing business have changed. A “new normal” is upon us. The industry and those we serve have shown that through innovation, cooperation, and care, we can ride out any storm. We are truly all in this together.

Here’s to our “new normal,” and here’s to all who love and play the game.