You may not have heard of SheIS or its collective that brings together over 150 athletes and business leaders, but you are definitely familiar with the organizations that partner together under their mission to grow women’s sports.

Today, the LPGA, in conjunction with the USGA, joins the SheIS Collective alongside other prestigious sports leagues like the WNBA, WWE, USTA, NWSL, and many more from across men’s and women’s sports. 

SheIS, as an organization, is motivated by the idea that sports has the universal power to influence how girls and women are seen and treated in broader society. If you can’t see it, you can’t be it. And as we have seen with the success of Title IX, sports have a voice and an impact that has the ability to make waves beyond the playing field. The SheIS Collective represents a group of organizations that unite together as athletes, business leaders, and sports leagues under the singular mission of connecting with and mobilizing fans in support of all women’s sports.  

The timing of this venture couldn’t be better. With the upcoming 75th anniversary of the US Women’s Open in June, the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, and the 70th anniversary of the LPGA as a women’s sports league, 2020 is shaping up to be a very exciting year for women’s golf. 

The SheIS Collective fills an important role in bringing together leaders of women’s pro sports to collaborate on our shared goals. By working together, we amplify the messages and efforts of our respective organizations and increase fan engagement and sponsorship.

Roberta Bowman
LPGA Chief Brand and Communications Officer

In order to amplify the natural excitement surrounding upcoming tournaments and major championships, SheIS plans on telling compelling stories that leave a last impression to change the narrative around women and sports, mobilizing fans through increased attendance at tournaments, and combining the resources of the SheIS Collective to ensure that the love of the game doesn’t stop once the tournament is over. 

We are thrilled to welcome these two incredible organizations [LPGA and USGA] to our SheIS Collective. For decades the sport of golf has been a leader in giving women a place to play and earn a living in sports.

Brenda Andress
SheIS Founder and President

Late last year, the LPGA unofficially participated SheIS’s #WomenWorthWatching initiative, in support of the US Tennis Open, and the STEM Meets Sports campaign. Now, as an official part of the SheIS Collective, the LPGA, in partnership with other women’s sports leaders, will get some help boosting awareness around the #DriveOn campaign and sharing more of the LPGA Tour player’s amazing stories and triumphs along the way. 

About SheIS: 

Founded in 2017 and launched to the public on May 1, 2018, SheIS was established with a vision to use the power of sports to create a future of, by, and for strong women. It’s mission is to connect with and mobilize fans to grow women’s sports. This is achieved through driving attendance and viewership of women’s sports at all levels, connecting through storytelling to inspire fans to take action, and centralizing resources to create sustainable growth of women’s sports. The SheIS Collective includes leaders from every major sport, and represents the first time in history that all of these sports leagues and organizations have stood together in support of one cause. To learn more, visit or follow the team on social media @teamsheis.