LPGA Golf Wear Takes on Golf Fashion in South Korea

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LPGA Golf Wear Takes on Golf Fashion in South Korea

Golf fashion goes global with stylish deigns from South Korea's LPGA Golf Wear Stores

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There’s no denying it: the LPGA has an impact all over the world. As well as all the impressive players making names for themselves on the international stage, the LPGA is taking on the world of golf fashion with LPGA Golf Wear.

In brick-and-mortar stores and department stores across South Korea, LPGA Golf Wear boasts a modest catalog of designs for both men and women that perfectly pairs performance and style.



In late 2015, the LPGA partnered with South Korean clothing design and manufacturing comoany Hansae MK (formerly MK Trends) and opened a store in Hansae MK’s hometown of Seoul, South Korea. The store opened with lots of well-deserved buzz both domestically and abroad. The same company also designs clothing lines for the NBA and other brands for their young, fashion-forward, South Korean audience.

Check out LPGA Commissioner Mike Whan discuss the partnership.



And since opening in later 2015, they have established 37 stores that are currently spread throughout the country with plans of opening over 70 stores by the end of 2018.

Even our own LPGA Tour Players have started wearing the sporty, new designs. Jennifer Song told the LPGA last summer, “It looks really sharp, that’s what I like the best, because I want to look professional out here. So far everybody’s been giving me great feedback. They love the outfits, so I’m really happy for it.”



Most notably, LPGA Golf Wear has taken traditional golf looks and given them new life with bold contrasts and sleek cuts. LPGA Golf Wear is perfect for the golfer who wants to prioritize both style and performance.

With the undeniable success of the LPGA in the international market and the growing popularity of women’s golf worldwide, we’re certainly excited to see where women’s golf is going next.

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