Do those four- or five-foot putts scare you? Do you feel you should make the short putts, but miss them all too often? Most short putts are missed when we try to “steer” the ball to the hole, and accidentally open or close the face of the putter during the stroke, missing the putt slightly left or slightly right. It can be frustrating!

Try this easy tip. “Match” your putter face with the hole.

Walk up to any hole cut in a green and place your putter on top of the hole. You will see that the width of the hole and the width of your putter are very nearly the same. A regulation hole is 4 ¼ inches wide, and you will find that your putter is almost the same width. This makes an easy visualization when facing a short putt.

As you set up to your putt, keep your putter face looking at the hole—they are almost the same size. As you make the stroke, take your putter face directly to the hole, as if there were tees lining the pathway, and you are keeping your putter the exact same width as the hole. Notice that the hole, the putter, and the “runway” are all the same width.

Match the putter face with the hole and never miss those short putts again!