If you have ever played golf on the Monterrey Peninsula, then you are probably already familiar with Marion Hollins.

Though she never turned pro—as the LPGA Tour would not be founded for another 30 years during the height of her notable amateur career—she made a lasting name for herself as one of the only women in history to be a golf course developer, working with some of the biggest names in golf at the time. The unique layout of the 16th hole at Cypress Point that challenges golfers to hit their ball from one craggy clifftop to another is credited to her by fellow designer Alister MacKenzie.

At a time when women in a position of power was rare, Marion used her natural acumen for the game to influence some of the most iconic landscapes in golf, including the foundations of the design of Augusta National at MacKenzie’s request for golf great Bobby Jones, who was influenced by her work done on Pasatiempo.

Today, it is announced that Hollins will be inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame Class of 2021 alongside Tiger Woods and others who have yet to be announced.

“Marion Hollins is most deserving of this honor,” said Greg McLaughlin, CEO of World Golf Foundation. “She was a principle force of the game, the visionary of some of today’s greatest courses, and I am grateful that her contributions will be celebrated as part of the 2021 Class and thereafter in the World Golf Hall of Fame.”

While Hollins never turned pro, she still made a bold statement for women’s equality on the links beyond her undeniable talent for shaping some of golf’s greatest courses.

“When you start reading about Marion Hollins, you realize what a trailblazer she was,” said Annika Sorenstam, World Golf Hall of Fame Class of 2003 Inductee. “In her era, she didn’t have many resources with the status of women in sports and golf. To be that kind of trailblazer with that kind of enthusiasm and energy and get into course development and design is very inspirational. She was an advocate for women and changed the landscape of the game.”

So if you ever find yourself teeing it up at Cypress Point, Pasatiempo, or even Augusta National, give yourself a moment to take in a bit of its history and the legacy Marion Hollins left for us all.