In the past couple of years, New Zealand-born Tania Tare has made a name for herself in golf with her amazing talent for trick shots, amassing nearly 100,000 Instagram followers and signing sponsorship deals all while working on finding a spot for herself on the LPGA Tour.

We recently got the chance to sit down with Tania to talk about her inspiration, the unanticipated reactions to her trick shots, and she even gives us a few pointers about how to get started with trick shots ourselves, but before we get started, check out some of her trick shots and prepare for your mind to be blown.

It might surprise you that Tania wasn’t always interested in golf.

Originally, she was a juggler, but at twelve years old, after watching a Nike commercial featuring Tiger Woods bouncing a golf ball and hitting it in mid-air, she was hooked. She watched the video over and over to learn how the trick was done with the hopes of being able to replicate it.

“In that time, I was juggling a golf ball. I never had put a ball on the ground to hit it,” Tania explained. “All I wanted to do was juggle, so, obviously, in hindsight, it’s actually really weird how it all worked out . . . Fast forward a few years, I was fourteen, and that was the first time I had ever hit a golf ball at the range.”

From then on, Tania’s focus was on golf, but performing trick shots would make a comeback years later when another viral video caught her attention.

“People were tagging me in this video on social media of this guy who stalled the ball on the back of his neck, and then he turns, and he hits it in the air,” Tania recalled. With a plethora of people encouraging her to try the shot herself, she took up her clubs, and went out to the range.

“After I think about 20 balls, I managed to pull it off,” she said.

A friend, who had gone to the range with her, filmed her success and posted it online. A few weeks later, she posted another video, this time a trick she made up herself where she hit a golf ball into a cup.