Here’s a number that isn’t surprising as much as it is disappointing: Women hold less than 5% of executive positions in S&P 500 Companies. As many research reports show, a lack of diversity and inclusion in leadership roles leads to less growth and less-prosperous work environments for their employees.

Business giant KPMG is working to change that.

Now entering its fifth consecutive year, the KPMG Women’s Leadership Summit invites hand-selected women executives from more than 80 top brands and companies to sit in on panels and informative chats with the men and women making waves in business and sports.

The one-day summit features presentations from US Chairman and CEO of KPMG Lynne Doughtie, 66th Secretary of State Dr. Condoleeza Rice, President of the PGA of America Suzy Whaley, Chief of Operations and Technology of Bank of America Cathy Bessant, Chairman and CEO of Target Brian Cornell, Chairman of Bloomberg Peter Grauer, New York Times Bestselling author and Leadership Advisor Alison Levine, and Olympic Medalist and two-time Team USA and FIFA Women’s World Cup champion Mia Hamm, with Michele Tafoya from NBC’s Sunday Night Football as Master of Ceremonies, and NBC Sport’s announcer Dan Hicks as moderator.

With so much talent in one room, KPMG hopes to empower and inspire women to become the leaders of tomorrow and help enact change to the current landscape of business and enterprise.

But this event doesn’t just stop at business.

The KPMG Women’s Leadership Summit coincides with the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship, which provided a unique opportunity for qualifying LPGA and female PGA teaching professionals to participate in an LPGA Major alongside Tour professionals.

Though attendance to the Summit is limited to the handful of invited women executives, the Summit will be streamed for FREE in its entirety on live from Hazeltine National Golf Club in Chaska, MN, on June 19th from 9:30 am – 5:00 pm CST, with the closing fireside chat with Mia Hamm simultaneously broadcasted for the first time on the Golf Channel.

So, if you are not one of the lucky few invited to attend the Summit in person, all the expert advice and inspiration is available to you completely free on your laptop, phone, or tablet.

Whether you leave it on in the break room at your office, stream it on your phone during your coffee break, or devote the entire day to it with a bowl of popcorn and a glass of wine, you’re not going to want to miss this opportunity to hear from the best of the best.

A full list of speaker bios and their broadcast time are available below.

Meet the Speakers

Lynne Doughtie – Chairman and CEO of KPMG

Lynne Doughtie has consistently been featured on Fortune magazine’s list of the Top Most Powerful Women in the country. Having started working at KPMG in her early twenties, Doughtie has built an impressive career for herself, focusing on curating a team that prioritizes company values and creating work environments where no one should be afraid to speak their mind about an issue.

Dr. Condoleeza Rice – 66th Secretary of State

Dr. Condoleeza Rice’s love of golf is well-known. She was one of the first two women granted membership to the notoriously exclusive Augusta National Golf Club and can regularly be found as a keynote speaker at events around the country. Since her role as the 66th Secretary of State, Dr. Rice has focused her time on fostering women’s empowerment in business.

Suzy Whaley – President of PGA of America

Suzy Whaley has an undeniable passion for golf. As the 41st President of the PGA of America, she has made history as the first woman to ever hold the position. Breaking barriers has been a sort-of hobby for her; in 2003, she was the first woman to qualify for a PGA Tour event since LPGA co-founder Babe Zaharias in 1945. Today, in her role as the President of the PGA’s nearly 30,000 certified golf instructors and golf course managers nationwide, she is focusing her efforts on growing the number of female PGA members and squeezing in her fair share of responsibilities as director of instruction at Suzy Whaley Golf in Cromwell, CT, and at the Country Club at Mirasol in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

Cathy Bessant – Chief of Operations and Technology of Bank of America

Cathy Bessant, “The Most Powerful Woman in Banking” according to American Banker magazine, has spent her career putting the customer first by focusing on the humanity behind the money her company deals with every day. Her passion for diversity—of thought and demographics—and her unique perspectives on business and the power of failure make her the ideal person to partner with Suzy Whaley to discuss how women have made history in golf.

Brian Cornell – Chairman and CEO of Target

As Chairman and CEO of Target, Brian Cornell works to serve the communities that work in and shop at Target stores across the country. He’s spoken at the Forum on Workplace Inclusion and also currently serves as Chairman of the Retail Industry Leader’s Association. In this role, according to Target’s corporate publication A Bulls Eye View, in a recent interview, he spoke about the importance of elevating future leaders from all backgrounds.

“Just as consumer shopping habits continue to change and evolve, so do their demographics. As retailers, we know how important it is for our teams to reflect the people who shop with use—from diversity in gender, ethnicity, and race to including a broad range of cultural perspectives. That’s the only way any of us [retailers] will truly understand our customers and be ready to meet their needs.”

Peter Grauer – Chairman of Bloomberg

Peter Grauer, in his role as Chairman of Bloomberg, helped develop the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index, which scores the level of inclusion and support companies provide for women in the workplace, and also chairs the 30% Club, which encourages leadership in companies to focus on gender diversity on boards and senior management. Like Brian Cornell, Grauer believes that the only way a company can ensure growth and longevity in the future is to try to make leadership reflect the experiences and lives of its customers. It is only fitting then that Peter Grauer will join Brian Cornell to discuss Inclusive Culture.

Alison Levine – New York Times Bestselling Author and Leadership Advisor

Alison Levine has dedicated her life to surmounting the seemingly impossible. She is one of the world’s most accomplished mountaineers, serving as captain of the first American Women’s expedition to climb Mt. Everest and has made a name for herself in the business world as deputy finance director of Arnold Schwarzenegger while he ran for Governor of California. Levine literally wrote the book on leadership and is an expert on developing teams that work together, feel confident while taking calculated risks, and creating leaders that will succeed no matter what comes their way.

Mia Hamm – Olympic Medalist, Team USA and FIFA Women’s World Cup Champion

Mia Hamm knows a thing or two about breaking barriers when it comes to women’s involvement in sports. She has made herself a household name by scoring more international goals over her career than any other soccer player in women’s or men’s competition. She’s brought women’s soccer to new heights and now uses her platform to raise awareness for her foundation. Hamm fell in love with golf when she was just a kid, playing socially through college then, according to a 2010 interview with Golf Digest, as a kind of therapy, which she used to help her become a better athlete.

Here is the full broadcast schedule of the Summit.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

9:30am Emcee Welcome
Michele Tafoya

9:35am Chairman’s Opening Address
Lynne Doughtie

10:00am Women Making History in Business & Golf
Cathy Bessant
Suzy Whaley

11:00am On the Edge: The Art of High Impact Leadership
Alison Levine

1:15pm Featured Keynote
Condoleezza Rice

2:00pm KPMG Future Leaders Special Presentation & Video
Condoleezza Rice
KPMG Future Leaders Ambassadors

2:15pm KPMG Women’s Leadership Summit Study Findings
Lynne Doughtie
Condoleezza Rice

3:15pm Cultivating an Inclusive Culture
Brian Cornell
Peter Grauer

4:00pm Closing Fireside Chat
Mia Hamm

Note: All times listed are CST.

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