Snacking on the golf course is an important way to keep a solid round of golf going in the right direction. Four hours of golf is a long time and, depending on the weather conditions, staying hydrated and fueling your body will ultimately lead to consistent and more enjoyable golf!


These yummy nuggets make a fabulous, energy-boosting snack for the golf course! Easy to transport, these friendly fats help stabilize your blood sugar and regulate energy.

An almond bonus: these brown beauties boost your mood, relieve anxiety and stress, and relax muscles! Yay, for relaxed muscles!

In golf, when your body moves better, you will be able to create a more effective, efficient swing.


The tote-friendly, banana is packed with vitamin C, minerals, and good carbs, giving you an instant pick me up! Love that!

Looking to add a little protein? Try Justin’s Squeeze Almond Butter for an extra boost!


Super yum soybeans are loaded with nutrients that contribute directly to a boost in energy as well as mood!

Turkey Sandwich

Yep, a good-ole turkey sammy with mustard, or a smear of greek yogurt provides you energy-boosting carbs, plus the protein you need for a solid snack.

Wanna energize your body and brain? Place your turkey onwhole grain bread.

Munch on half of the sandwich at the turn and snack on the other half after the 13th or 14th hole to keep your stamina high.