If you are a parent and golfer like I am, you are probably wondering how you can introduce the game of golf into the minds of your busy and energy-filled kids. If you are cost-cautious, then you’re probably pretty curious how to fit golf into a family-friendly budget.

Below are just some ideas on how you can both make golf fun for the whole family and not break the bank to do so.

Hit the driving range

This is a fun activity for good, bad, young, and old players of the game. The driving range is also a pretty cheap place should you decide to make it your family night event. You can decide to purchase a bucket of balls or two, which would be less than half the cost of playing, and most driving ranges give you a fairly decent amount of golf balls to use.

Practicing on the driving range can not only help your game but also instill some quality time with your family. You can teach your kids about the game, have fun and enjoy some good laughs together. Some of the funniest moments I had golfing took place on the driving range while enjoying the company of others.

Walk, instead of riding in a cart
Cart fees can be an extra expense that can become quite costly depending on the course, that makes people turn away from playing a round of golf. However, there is an alternative that is healthier and can be just as enjoyable: walking!

If you played golf in high school, then you know that every player must walk the course when golfing. As a family, this is a great way to play the game in a way that can have a long-term positive effect on your children. As they get older, they may also forego a cart to play golf and enjoy just as much as if they were riding. The best part about walking, you also save money on paying the extra for cart fees that can easily add up by the end of the season.

Play golf in the evening
Many courses offer discounts when playing in the evening versus playing in the early morning and afternoon. Check out the deals that are offered at the local golf courses. If the price is right, or within your budget, take the kids out for a family night of golf. Let them drive, hit some fairway shots, or putt on the green.

This is also a great time to teach your kids about golf courtesy and etiquette. Remind them to be cognizant of those who are playing in front and behind them. While golf is a game that should be enjoyed over time, you also have to be aware of the pace of play, especially when teaching your children golf.

Play in a low-key golf event together
Playing in a small event with an easy format, such as a golf scramble, can be a wonderful time to get the kids out to play, as well as to enjoy some quality family-time together. Look for local golf events around your area or surrounding towns. Many charities, businesses, and golf courses will host scrambles and donate the proceeds to a good cause. This is a nice opportunity to play together as a family, while also giving back to your community.

While scrambles can come with a higher price tag, be sure to see what that includes (dinner, prizes, lunch, etc.). The event can really pay for itself, especially if it involves a chance to play golf together as a family.

What are your favorite ways to golf on a budget? Keep the conversation going in the comments below.