This past weekend, LPGA Tour players and the golf community put these words into action in a “Race Fore Unity,” raising nearly $80,000 for LPGA*USGA Girls Golf and PGA WORKS. Aside from the charitable aspect, perhaps most impressive was how quickly this effort came together. The idea for this event came from where great inspiration is often found in this digital age: a group chat.

“Tiff [Joh] and I, and Henni Zuel and Jeehae Lee, have been working really hard for the last, I’d say eight, nine days now,” said Morgan Pressel during an Instagram Live with fellow LPGA Tour player Tiffany Joh. “This idea for the Race Fore Unity came out of a group chat we have with a bunch of ladies that love to ride on our Pelotons. Through this quarantine, we’ve had a lot of chance to do that together, which has been a lot of fun.”