Female-friendly golf courses focus on how to help women feel more welcome on and off the course, unfortunately not all golf courses are designed or built in a way that is welcoming to women.

So how can you recognize a female-friendly golf course?

Let’s start with the course design.

Most female-friendly courses have forward-thinking golf course architects who reimagine the course design flaws that punish the slow swing players, eliminating or reducing the obstacles that shorter-hitting players cannot hit over from the ladies tees, feature fewer thick roughs so it’s easier to hit out of, and create more short grass around the greens to allows players to use their putters more. 

Course design is not the only factor to consider when looking for a course interested in attracting more females to golf. A welcoming atmosphere is essential, from the time you enter the premises to the 19th hole.

Here are some questions I always like to ask myself when making my decision on where to spend my time and money: 

  1. Am I greeted with a smile by the person at the bag drop area?
  2. Is the pro shop staff friendly and accommodating or just collecting my money?
  3. Is there a female professional on staff? Better yet, is she a leader in the organization?
  4. Does the course encourage family play opportunities? Are there rental clubs for females and juniors?
  5. Are there female-only events posted and marketed?
    Female -friendly courses understand that the more events they have for women, the more women will come and play.  Look for free clinics, leagues, group instructional programs, club demos, fashion shows, 9-hole scramble, special tournaments, greet & meet events, golf & social events, and special discounts.
  6. Does the pro shop offer as much or more women’s goods and apparel as the men’s section?  Do they strive to stock items and lines I can’t typically find in a retail store?
    Stocking the golf shop to be attractive and welcoming to females is a good indicator that you are a valued customer.
  7. Are the overall facility appearance and restrooms clean?  Are there amenities in the restroom for freshening up before or after your round?
  8. Is the overall condition of the golf course acceptable?
  9. Do the restaurant’s hours of operation accommodate your playing schedule? What’s on the menu? Are there healthy alternatives? Is the atmosphere inviting and friendly?
  10. Would I recommend the overall experience to my friends and family?


Join the movement to remove the barriers and find for your truly female-friendly course that offers programs, opportunities, amenities, and staff that encourages women to learn the game and that support playing opportunities for females. Play Happy!