That moment comes for everyone… the time when, as teenagers, we realize we need to get a job.  As the youngest in my family, I knew early on that I’d have to work as a teenager.  I’d seen my older sisters work at stores, pools, and golf courses. Their summer jobs always looked very fun to me, probably because they were working in the places they had been hanging out their entire lives.  Sure, maybe my sister was stuck inside a store all day—but she was in a fabric store where she could learn more about her passion for design.  My other sister loved to golf and chose a job at the country club. Yes, she was inside waitressing, but she was in an environment where she felt at home. To this day, she still talks about the people she met and the things she learned from golfers, co-workers, and country club managers.

As a golfer, why not consider a summer job at the golf course?  There are many opportunities for employment that could give you an out of the box job experience that leads to great connections.  Let’s take a look at some of them!

The snack shop  Yes, you may be flipping burgers or handing out change all day, but think about it.  You’re doing this in a pretty cool place.  You get to meet all of the golfers that come to the course (or at least the hungry and thirsty ones), and you never know how those connections can help you in the future.

Snack shop on wheels Like to be in the sun? Feel the wind on your face? Are you comfortable talking with a lot of different people? Then perhaps you’ve got a future as a cart girl. As you spend your afternoon driving around a beautiful course, think of your friends working inside the mall.

Restaurant with room to grow  A gig in the club’s restaurant can lead to many things.  Let’s say you start out as a bus girl or a hostess. This gives you a chance to see how a restaurant runs, and if you hang in there, you’ll most likely be able to waitress as you gain experience.  All of the restaurant jobs offer exposure and the chance to meet interesting people who could help with future jobs and recommendations as you apply to colleges. Plus, the tips can be pretty great!

Pro Shop Possibilities  In addition to golf, do you have an eye for fashion? Business? Merchandising? Maybe the pro shop is the place for you.  Think about the skills you can pick up while assisting people with their purchases.  Yes, you’d mainly be ringing people up as they buy tees, balls, and other necessities for their rounds.  But, you also have the opportunity to work with golf attire and clubs, and see how a shop is run. Not a bad deal!

Whatever the job may be at the golf course, the bonus is that you get to go to the golf course every day. Look for the hidden lessons and skills you can gain even in the most basic jobs. A job a the golf course has the potential to be amazing as you’ll be surrounded by the sport you love, earn money, and learn life skills that will help you well past your summer gig!