Swing Down in the Correct Sequence

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July 24, 2017
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July 26, 2017

Swing Down in the Correct Sequence

Carol Preisinger explains a useful drill to learn the proper downswing sequence.

Written By:

Carol Preisinger

Carol is currently the Director of Golf Instruction at the Kiawah Island Club, in Kiawah Island, South Carolina, joining the Kiawah team in July, 2004. Carol has contributed to many golf publications, including GOLF Magazine, Golf Digest, served on the instruction panel for Golf For Women Magazine, and has appeared on various occasions on The Golf Channel's "Golf Academy Live."

Like to experience more of those “effortless” golf shots? Here’s the tip you’ve been waiting for: the most effortless, “efficient” swings are repeatable if you swing forward in sequence. Instead of swinging down with arms only, use the bigger muscles of the lower body to initiate the forward swing and let the shoulders and arms catch up after a smooth transition.

Try this body motion drill:

  1. With a glove in your left pocket, stand to face a mirror in golf posture.
  2. Move into your backswing position, take a deep breath and relax.
  3. Watching your lower body, create movement to the target side, let shoulders and arms follow.

Repeat until you see the glove move first and feel the upper body follow in order. This forward sequence allows you to easily accelerate shoulders, arms and club head through the bottom of the arc, not from the top of the backswing. Practice this body motion drill first, and then take it outside to the practice range. Good shots are worth waiting for at the top.

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Great exercise. Been trying to start the swing from the bottom for awhile now. So hard to break old habits. Thank you