A common culprit of popped shots or weak right ball flights off the tee is an inappropriately teed ball. Let’s examine the YESes and the NOs with your driver, woods, hybrids, and irons.

The driver requires an ascending strike. A good rule of thumb: Tee it up so half of the ball sits above the top of the driver. Tee it too high and you may get underneath it and pop it up. Tee it too low and you will most likely create too much spin, a distance and ball flight killer.

Tee it up so the crown of the tee is just above the turf. If the wood’s head is bigger than this one, tee it up a little bit higher. Watch out when teeing it up with your woods. This is not a driver.

With the hybrid’s head larger than an iron, I like to tee up so the crown of the tee is just above the turf. Tee it too high and you’ll miss the sweet spot.

A driver requires an ascending strike, an iron does not. Tee it up so the ball sits just above the turf. With this set-up, you’ll promote a descending strike. With the ball teed too high, it will be a challenge to strike down and through.

When you can tee it up…tee it up!