The “Facebook” of Golf Has Arrived

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The “Facebook” of Golf Has Arrived

Thanks to the 18Birdies app's unique technology, a golfer's experience is becoming much more enjoyable
18 Birdies App

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Hailey Hunter

Hailey Hunter is a sports broadcaster and producer with a passion for growing the game of golf for women. She was captain of her college golf team at Ohio University, graduating from their top ranked Scripps School of Journalism.

18Birdies is golf’s newest tech start-up, amassing more than 950,000 devoted users since it’s initial release. Within one powerful platform, users can access the app’s unique combination of GPS, scoring and improvement tracking, tournament management system, and, best of all, social network, connecting golfers from across the globe to each other.

18Birdies’ focus on re-imagining the golf experience is at the heart of their mission. They aim to do more than just outfit golfers with powerful technology; they want to transform the perception of golf, showing it as the fun, diverse, and inclusive sport that it is.

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Chief Marketing Officer for 18Birdies, Susan Song, who explains the technology behind the app and their vision for growing the game:


You can download the 18Birdies app and take it for a test-drive during your next round of golf here.


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