The Key to Alignment Could be Your Eyes

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January 5, 2018
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The Key to Alignment Could be Your Eyes

Cindy Miller explains how your eye dominance affects your alignment
Cindy Miller Golf Tip - Eye Dominance

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Cindy Miller

Cindy Miller competed on the LPGA Tour in 1979, 1980 and 1981 and is the current National LPGA Teacher of the Year. Cindy is ranked in the Top 30 of the Legends Tour Career Money List.

LPGA Top 50 Teacher Cindy Miller explains how to determine out your eye dominance and how it may help your alignment on the course:


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Hi Cindy –
Using your technique I confirmed what I already knew .. that I am heavily left-eye dominant.

Question is:
How do I apply that to my alignment?
(Or is this the subject of a follow-up tip?)

And.. Is the alignment adjustment the same .. or different .. for regular swings vs. putting?


Charles E Dalton

Ok, confirmed that Iam R eye dominat , how can I apply this for improvement. Driver, putter, alignment choices.Thanks Charles

If you are playing golf right handed and are right eye dominate, it will help you walk into the golf ball open. Drop your left foot back as you walk into the ball. If you need to, close your left eye. Make sure you are able to see your target clearly. This should really make it easier for you to line up.

You mention that you are left eye dominate. Do you play left or right handed?

joan rogers

Ok so I am Left eye dominate, how does that help my game knowing that I am Left eye dominate. I play right handed.

If you are left eye dominate and play golf right handed, you are at an advantage. When you stand over a shot, try closing your right eye and look down the line. You should be able to see where you are going very clearly. For those who are right eye dominate and play right handed, it is harder to see the line while standing over the ball.

Please understand that using your hands that way can influence and skew the results. i do dominance profiles with my students when evaluating them for their school IEP (individual educational plans). Best way to achieve eye dom. is to use a sheet of paper or large square of cardboard with a pencil hole size in the middle. stretch out the arms and ask the person to place their hands where yours are… holding the paper or cardboard out straight -ask them to locate your nose. Keeping your nose if sight, slowly pull the paper or cardboard back to one eye.… Read more »

No question, just a comment. Great job Cindy!

Lena Ing

I have always struggled with my alignment.
I am right handed with left eye dominant. Should I use this process from tee box to the green?