Today, the LPGA Amateur Golf Association (LPGA Amateurs) announced the winners of the 2020 Women on Par Scholarship. Originally established in 2007, the scholarship provides financial assistance for two “non-traditional” female students pursuing higher education for the first time, with the intention of helping women get “on par” with their peers through the opportunities a college degree provides.

Alisha Perkins and Rebecca Broderick join the over 25 women who have been awarded the scholarship, earning $2,000 and $1,000 respectively to help them achieve their career goals. Winners are selected based on need, personal and professional goals, and their personal essays.


Alisha Perkins

Saint Elizabeth School of Nursing | Lafayette, IN

Alisha Perkins has always wanted to be a nurse. After graduating high school, she joined the Indiana Army National Guard as a medic and served as an EMT, Combat Lifesaver Course Instructor, CNA, and HHA during her enlistment. After that, she became a Hospice Aide​ and did  ​providing at-home health care before making the life-changing decision to restart her education to pursue a career in nursing. Once she has completed her degree, she plans on working in the Emergency Room or Operating ​Room and eventually returning to school to become a Nurse Anesthetist.

“This scholarship will help me and my family so much!” Perkins said. “Without scholarships, there is no way that I could afford to go to college . . . [Attending college] will be setting an example for my children, friends, and family that it’s never too late to pursue your dreams.”


Rebecca Broderick

Arizona State University | Phoenix, AZ

Rebecca Broderick is pursuing her Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Nursing​. and ​She spends her time outside of academics helping with local outreach programs and working at her local Veteran’s Affairs hospital, where she aspires to work in the Emergency Department after completing her degrees. After graduating, she hopes to gain experience and build her skills before going into the Operating Room as an ​RN First Assistant. Long term, she would like to enter the Certified Nurse Anesthetist Program and continue to care for Veteran patients.

“My vocation as an RN will not only benefit myself but my family as well,” Broderick said. “I want my girls to see that hard work and dedication pay off through my receipt of scholarship awards like these. My daughters will have a strong example of perseverance and tenacity from how I handle these experiences and push through my schooling endeavors . . . That is the woman I am, and that is the caliber of nurse I intend to be.”

Congratulations to the winners!

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