Using a club with too much loft is a common fault seen in poor chipping, whose basic idea is to get the ball rolling on the ground as soon as possible.

DEFINITION: A chip shot is a low running shot that has little air time and more roll time. It can be played from anywhere off of the green when there are no obstacles forcing us to hit the ball over them, like rough, bunkers or mounds.

WHAT CLUB SHOULD I USE? You may use many different clubs depending on how much you need the ball to roll.

SETUP: The setup is critical to the success of this shot. It allows for the descending blow needed to hit crisp chips.

  • Stand taller and closer to the ball than in your regular golf setup to get the shaft more vertical.
  • Lower your hands on the grip.
  • Narrow your stance.
  • Position the ball on the inside of the back foot.
  • Lean your body and shaft toward the target (hands will be on the front leg).
  • Place 70% of your weight on the front foot.



  • Allow the hands and arms to hang which forms a triangular shape (tip downward) with the shoulders.
  • Turn the shoulders and chest (not the hands) back and forth rhythmically to make the swinging motion.
  • Swing about 2 feet back and 2 feet through.
  • Keep your weight anchored on the front foot during motion.

TIP: The shaft leans forward at impact!


THE FINISH: Learn to hold your finish.

  • Check to see if you are facing the target with your chest with a low club head.
  • The shaft of the club should be an extension of the front arm.


HOW DO I CONTROL MY DISTANCE? To go different distances, use the same setup and swing and just change clubs. A more lofted club (SW) causes the ball to roll less and a less lofted club (6 iron) causes the ball to roll more. Experiment with this idea to become more comfortable using different clubs.

Again, the secret to improvement in your chipping is starting in the correct setup position and maintaining the forward shaft lean at impact!