Topgolf’s Director of Business Strategy, Jeehae Lee shares how the company has expanded its portfolio of experiences and successfully introduced more women to the game of golf by bringing golf to them. 

At the heart of #inviteHER is a mission to shepherd someone, particularly women, across an incredibly intimidating barrier to show them just how great a golf experience can be. I can think of no better place to introduce someone to the game of golf than Topgolf, where we provide a welcoming environment for everyone—even non-golfers—to enjoy themselves while swinging a golf club and dancing to great music. Topgolf CRUSH takes this one step further by bringing that same fun experience to an even more familiar and exciting setting—their favorite sports stadium.

Topgolf CRUSH began as an effort to bring Topgolf outside of our venues to even more fans around the world. The Topgolf experience is recreated in the most iconic settings, especially in cities where a permanent Topgolf venue has not yet been built. Armed with the incredible Toptracer Range technology, which allows two small cameras to track shots from up to 20 hitting bays simultaneously, there is no venue, field, park, or race track that we could not transform into a Topgolf playground! We created a system of hitting bays and portable targets, and in February of 2017, we were on our way to Safeco Field in Seattle, where our very first Topgolf CRUSH event took place.

CRUSH at Safeco Field was a massive success, and when I saw the awe and delight on every guest’s face as they walked in, I knew we had created something magical. Since then, CRUSH has been everywhere from MLB and NFL stadiums in the US to European Tour events in Abu Dhabi, and at each event, I saw countless guests who had never before been to a golf facility having an amazing time playing CRUSH. Many of them were part of a social or professional event and decided to attend upon invitation by a golfer in their group, and because it was happening at a stadium or ballpark, they weren’t intimidated by the thought of showing up and having to follow a set of serious rules. In effect, we’ve been able to introduce the game of golf to thousands of people by bringing golf to them.

Last November, we brought Topgolf CRUSH to AT&T Park, home of the San Francisco Giants. There was a live DJ, great food and beverage and, of course, our point-scoring game system powered by Toptracer. It was our most successful event to date, with so many Bay Area residents showing up to take a swing.

Check out the Topgolf CRUSH at AT&T Park experience through the lens of the women who attended the event. And yes, that is a Corvette out on the field!