As I watched a panel of some of golf’s top female leaders and instructors promote the #inviteHER initiative at this year’s PGA Merchandise Show, I was excited for the future of women’s growth in the game. There was a lot of energy among the women in that audience, and I was reminded of how important the invitation to golf was for me in my early days of playing.

I knew that #inviteHER, at its core, is about encouraging golfers to invite the women in their lives to join them for a round of golf and that this new push aimed to extend those efforts out to golf facilities as well by hosting special experiences that make the game more approachable for beginners.

With so many ideas filling the room, my friends and I couldn’t help but want to take advantage of all this energy. As we talked about the ways we could get more women comfortable on the golf course, learning the game, and sparking the same love we have for the LPGA, an idea came to mind that seemed to achieve all three.

A Watch Party.

It sounds simple enough: Invite women to a golf facility to watch an LPGA tournament broadcast over brunch or heavy hors d’oeuvres with golf instructors available to answer any questions beginners may have about really anything regarding golf. A beginner golfer that attends a watch party with a professional golf instructor will not feel like a rank beginner golfer anymore.

So, if you’re looking to bring beginner-friendly events for women to your facility, consider hosting an #inviteHER Watch Party!

Here’s what you’ll need:

A big room with enough television screens for good viewing

This could be the club’s restaurant or a ballroom with the tournament projected on a wall . . . anything that can show the tournament broadcast. Make sure the atmosphere is relaxed and casual to be the most welcoming.

An energetic, experienced and friendly golf professional

Having either an LPGA or PGA-certified golf instructor handy to mingle with guests and members to answer any questions they have about golf will take the pressure off. Most new golfers will hesitate to ask a question in a big group fearing that it will sound too basic, so small tables and seating arrangements will work well. New golfers will learn that taking a lesson or getting advice from a pro isn’t as intimidating as it may seem.

Brunch or hearty appetizers

Let’s be honest—everyone likes food. Whether you budget for a full brunch buffet (with mimosas and all!) or wine and cheese, having food available for your #inviteHER Watch Party will be that extra incentive for newcomers and keep them around to enjoy the tournament. Plus, it is a great opportunity to show off your facility’s restaurant and keep them coming back.

Add a pinch of fun

Even with a small budget, a raffle for a sleeve of golf balls adds a little fun. Or a gift certificate to the attendee with the closest birthday. That really makes a “Watch Party” a real party.

An open invitation to both new and experienced golfers

Welcome longtime members and beginners alike to your #inviteHER Watch Party. Everyone could benefit from the lessons watching an LPGA Tour event could teach them. I’m always amazed by how much I learn about golf and how to improve my own game while watching the athletes on Tour. There’s no better time to #inviteHER!