While golf is a popular sport in South Korea, beauty vlogger Angel, who goes by the name Beautifymeeh on YouTube, had never tried the game before. In a collaboration with Leaders Cosmetics and the LPGA Women’s Network, we challenged Angel to give golf a try. Luckily, her husband plays and she even has a friend who is an LPGA Teaching Professional to show her the ropes.

In her vlog, Angel shares how excited she is for her first golf lesson, if not a little nervous.

“Later today, I’m going to my first golf lesson. I can’t wait. It will be so much fun—I hope!”

She goes on to share that though her husband, Aiden, has always wanted her to learn, he was hesitant to be the one to teach her the game himself.

“Aiden is actually pretty good at golf. He always wanted me to learn golf, so we could go play together. He was going to teach me, but he was like ‘I’d rather just let a pro teach you’ because if he tries to teach me, we’re going to be fighting—like, arguing.”

To prepare for her first lesson, besides realizing that she should probably start stretching, she needed to get her skin ready for all that time out in the sun. Leaders Cosmetics, the Official Sun Care Product of the LPGA, has her cover with their line of sunscreens in a powder, spray, and cream to use before going into the sun and a line of restorative sheet masks to treat skin after sun exposure. Angel used a combination of powder and spray to get her and her family ready for the driving range.

“So, I did pick up some sun products from Leaders because that brand has a lot of good sun products like sun screens and also face masks.”

After buying a golf glove and renting her clubs, she was ready to meet her friend and start her lesson, which began with a warm up and a quick overview of the basics—posture and grip.

You’ll have to watch her vlog to see exactly how she did, but the day ended with sore muscles and a lot of memories as she unwound from her day with a Leaders sheet mask to repair her skin from all the sun and sweat of her first golf lesson.

From her practice around the house and all the fun the family had at the driving range, Angel may have just found a love for the game and a new family activity.