A perfect day on the golf course typically includes beautiful weather, great company, and a score you can be proud of. But seeing a group of young, music-blasting, phone-obsessed, neon-clad Millennials can have some shaking their heads at the direction this new breed of golfers is taking the game.

Millennials are one of the most unique generational makeups that have ever existed. Our mix of tech savvy intuition and passion for making our dreams our reality has put the traditional work-life balance off kilter. We long for a meaningful experience rather than just another job to fill our day (or at least pay back some of our student loans).

As a Millennial and a lifelong golfer myself, I understand the worry for the future of the game and its traditions, but as a member of this new generation of golfers, I want to help bridge that gap between the new, the traditional, and everything in-between to shed some light on some of the ways Millennials might golf a little differently.

Experiences Mean More to Millennials

Millennials long for a deeper, meaningful experience rather than just something to fill their time. We see the golf course as a space to make memories, especially ones that can be shared on social media platforms. Events such as, TopGolf have become more popular for Millennials because they add an out-of-the-box characteristic that is different than the traditional competition golfing formats. As much we love a golf scramble or best ball game, there isn’t much to be added to the format that makes it unusual or evolutionary.

Evolution of Gender Roles and Family Time

The golf course isn’t just for the boys anymore. The game has evolved to include women and children alike to enjoy and play for years to come. For many people, golf has become an avenue for quality family time, especially in a world where gender roles are blurred, and time together is extra meaningful. Many Millennials want to involve their families in all aspects of their lives, and not use the golf course as a getaway of their own anymore.