With Women’s History Month upon us, the LPGA’s 70th anniversary, and the LPGA Founders Cup quickly approaching, we’re taking a look at how women and girls have been paying homage to the thirteen founders who paved the way to create the LPGA Tour, the first professional women’s sports organization in the world.

From the unique to the sweet, their efforts may have you rummaging through your closet or local thrift store racks to find to create a Founder inspired look of your own.

Grab a long skirt and blouse but don’t forget the accessories…

Take a page out of Caroline Demarco’s playbook, whose outfit won her 2nd Runner Up at Highlands Country Club’s Ladies Member-Guest.


Complete with vintage golf clubs in hand, Caroline and her companions dressed as Betsy Rawls, Babe Zaharias, Marilynn Smith and Peggy Kirk Bell for the outing’s “Fabulous Foursome” theme.

They donned faux LPGA player credentials which featured short biographies of each legendary lady and presented a hand drawn copy of the very first iteration of the LPGA logo.




Smile for the camera

After watching The Founders film, teen leaders from LPGA*USGA Girls Golf of Miami were inspired to take a step inside the wardrobes of the women who paved the way for them.


With Girls Golf eLeader Darlene Infantas at the helm, the group recreated famous black and white photos of the Founders. They went thrift shopping with their parents to pull together identical looks and spent a full day conducting a full-fledged photoshoot.


“The parents were so engaged, the girls loved it,” shared Site Director Stephanie Peareth. “They learned about the history and the founders and they loved seeing the old clubs and fashion. One of the best events I have ever done.”

Here’s a look at just a few of the photos captured during the day.

Don’t forget the Persimmon golf clubs

LPGA player Sandra Gal has also gone back in time to experience fashion as a Founder. In 2019 she surprised Founders Shirley Spork, Marilynn Smith, and Marlene Bauer Hagge with a head-to-toe 1950’s inspired outfit.

Sandra’s thoughts on the length of the skirts female golfers wore in the 50’s? “I think it would be hard when it’s windy; and not having it flop around everywhere.”

She even teed-it-up and hit a few shots on the driving range for the Founders.

Go even further back like Lexi Thompson

Sandra’s not the only player to sport throwback golf fashion.


During a Red Bull photoshoot, Lexi Thompson traded in her signature Puma golf gear for a petticoat. The fashion rewind featured women’s golf wardrobes dated as far back as the early 1900’s.

“It was so different,” Thompson said. “I don’t know how they played golf in those outfits, especially if it was hot out. But they made it work.”


The multiple layers—top and bottom—were not only hot but restricted her long and powerful swing. A testament to how talented the players were in golf’s early years.

Now that you’ve been inspired by some truly eye-catching Founders fashion, give the vintage golf look a try for yourself. And remember to show us your own styles on social media using #LPGAFounders.