Even a well-intentioned golfer with a fundamentally sound swing can send their golf ball careening into trouble on the course thanks to improper hand placement on the golf club.

Your hands are your only connection to golf club, which makes the way you hold the club one of the most important aspects of your set-up. Your hands control the clubface and your clubface position controls the direction the ball will travel.

Cause, meet effect. 🙂

So, to help you get your swing off on the right foot, or check-in on your current grip, I’ve put together a step-by-step guide for optimally placing your hands on the golf club.

Step One

Place (don’t twist) your left hand on the club so that the grip lies diagonally across the palm and fingers with the club handle UNDER THE HEEL PAD of your hand. Close the hand, seeing 1 1/2 to 2 knuckles on the back of your left hand.  Allow your left thumb to rest lightly and slightly right of center down the grip shaft.

Step Two

Close the “V” between the left thumb and forefinger. Feel the “pressure” in the last three fingers of the left hand, not in the palm.

Step Three

Place the right hand onto the club, snugly against the left (hiding the left thumb with the crease of the palm of your right hand) and interlock, overlap, or use a ten-finger style with your right pinkie. Allow your right thumb to rest lightly and slightly left of center down the grip shaft.

Step Four

Close the “V” between the right thumb and forefinger. Feel the “pressure” in the base of the middle two fingers of the right hand, not in the palm.  Your index finger and thumb form a “trigger” or “pinch” hold. Make sure that both “V’s” point to a spot somewhere between your chin and right shoulder, parallel to each other.

Coupled with the right pressure (think a five on a scale of one to ten in terms of how tightly you hold the handle of the club), these steps will help you perfect a fundamental element of your swing before you even move the club.

Have questions about how to modify how you currently hold the club? Leave them in the comments below.

And now that your grip is squared away, be sure to check in on your golf posture.