Today, the LPGA Amateur Golf Association (LPGA Amateurs) announced the winners of the 2021 Women on Par Scholarship. Originally established in 2007, the scholarship provides financial assistance for two “non-traditional” female students pursuing higher education for the first time, with the intention of helping women get “on par” with their peers through the opportunities a college degree provides.

Amber Stephens and Serenity Pearson join the over 25 women who have been awarded the scholarship, earning $2,000 and $1,000 respectively to help them achieve their career goals. Winners are selected based on need, personal and professional goals, and their personal essays.


Amber Stephens

University at Albany | Schenectady, NY

Amber Stephens lives by a code of resilience. After falling into the wrong crowd in her youth, and eventually finding sobriety, she dedicated her life as a yoga instructor to teaching others how to heal physically and spiritually from their own traumas. Because of this, she is studying Social Welfare with the hopes of earning a PhD in Clinical Psychology. By winning this scholarship, Stephens believes she can be a role model for other women who are going through tough times, and she is excited to pursue the next chapter in her life by focusing on school and learning to play golf with her local LPGA Amateurs chapter.

“I really want people to look at me and see themselves and see ways that they can change,” Stephens said. “They can transform and they can grow. I want people to just see hope and possibility when they look at me, when they work with me, and when they allow me to help them on their path . . . The parameters of this scholarship were so specific that I felt very seen as a woman returning to school over 30. That is such a specific bracket of the population, and I just felt so seen. Winning the scholarship reminded me that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be, and I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing.”


Serenity Pearson

Yuba College | Sacramento, CA

Serenity Pearson is ready for a new start in her life. After overcoming numerous struggles from a very young age, Pearson worked hard to turn her life around and is currently pursuing a degree in Radiologic Technology with the hopes of cross-training in additional diagnostics, inspired by her desire to help people. By winning this scholarship, Pearson hopes to be an example to others who have experienced hardships in their lives like her that there is hope. She currently works at the Bay Area Pain Care Center as a caretaker for individuals with disabilities, and attends classes while raising her daughter.

“If I could save somebody all the trouble that I went through—self-destructing—would be great, because we don’t have to take this route. We don’t have to self-destruct,” Pearson said. “My education had really helped me find redemption in life and helping other has helped me find purpose. I felt very gratified when I got the scholarship. It’s going to encourage me to put myself out there more and not be so ashamed of my story. I’m going to be able to afford school supplies for my daughter and I, and buy my scrubs for my program . . . This for me is hopefully changing things for generations to come. Give my daughter the right leg up in life so she can help her children and moreover.”

Congratulations to the winners!

Make a contribution to the Women on Par Scholarship by visiting or by participating in the LPGA Virtual Scramble.